Conniving Caravan

CONNIVING CARAVAN PART I (cont.) - The Parties

Another dungeon delver enters the mix.

“Help!” cried the man’s voice, clearly that of a meek elven. He could be heard yelling from around the corner. “Help me!”.

Slegna marches around the corner to find another elf stuck in the same pit trap Arcadian fell into earlier. He arrives just in time to see Darnell appear on the other side of the pit. After a short exchange they unwarily allow the clumsy treasure-hunter known as “Norl” into the group, and decide to proceed downstairs.

Once downstairs, they arrive at a fork in the path. JessaKat suggests going through the door to the west, while Darnell feels as though they should proceed south, and begins marching that way. Slegna remains indifferent.

“Fine, fuck this, I’m done!” JessaKat cries stopping Darnell dead in his tracks and raising an eyebrow from Slegna. She marches back up stairs, and Darnell turns back towards the group. Unbeknownst to him, just around the corner, an ogre waits, club raised and ready to crash down on the next victim to round the corner. Fortune smiles on Darnell, as he returns to the group, leaving the ogre in wait.

Meanwhile, Slegna has tried listening for anyone in the room to the west, and hearing nothing, kicks the door open. Darnell & Norl follow. Inside, they find a picture of Bargle on the wall, hanging over a small stone altar with numerous trinkets & offerings left to the wizard. They proceed to the west, and Slegna listens to another door, hearing nothing.

He opens the door, only to be clubbed by the crystalline hand of a statue. “Who dares invade my fortress?!” it cries. Made from what looks like clear crystal, the statue is an otherwise perfect replica of Bargle.

Slegna stand toe-to-toe with the statue, trading blows. When the dust clears, pieces of the crystalline statue lie at Slegna’s feet.

The party proceeds through the doorway, emerging from behind a large tapestry. Without a word Darnell begins marching down the westward hallway.

He barely has time to move before the club of an ogre comes crashing down. It screams and calls for others, squeezing itself down the hallway towards Darnell. Two more emerge from around the corner, and Slegna charges into battle. Norl is all but forgotten, staying on the edges of the battle and loosing Magic Missiles from his wand down the hall.

Mm35 pg199
The ogres lumber around and swing wildly, landing glancing blows before being felled by the swordsman & the dwarf. Before long two more ogres arrive, and havoc ensues. Trapped between the ogre parties, Darnell takes the brunt of the attack, while Slegna chops down giants like trees on his march to save Darnell.

He arrives jsut in time to see Darnell clobbered with a massive club, slammed into the wall, and fall limply in the hall. After a couple blows from Skinner, he cleaves the ogre’s head from his shoulders.

Together, Norl & Slegna drag Darnell’s body into a nearby barracks, and Norl begins attempting to stabilize him. Slegna takes the severed head of the ogre, and, using a broken club as a makeshift pike, puts the head on display.

“We’ll leave this outside the door.” he says solemnly, but with a bit of pleasure. “Any lesser creatures with moderate intelligence might get the hint.” And with that, he proceeds to drag one of the ores into a nearby room, and begins a demented surgery just as Gaffgarion arrives.

“I could make ye a mask if ye wanted one?” the dwarf asks him.

The gnome ponders the offer for barely a moment. “Yes… when we find the proper donor, I shall have you make a mask…”


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