Conniving Caravan

CONNIVING CARAVAN PART I - The dwarf, the gnome, and a halfling caravan.

The caravan was perfect, offering income, security, and secrecy.

Exiled from the Mithral Hall, and hiding his bald face in shame, the dwarf was welcome to hide behind his mask amongst the other shortfolk. His services as an escort were mutually beneficial for the caravan.

They were recruited (by Lord Nanther), they were briefed, and then they set out on their task with few questions asked. Perhaps it was the offer of 1000 platinum pieces that got them to conform so easily, but regardless, their adventures led them to the Castle Mistamere Ruins.

The journey to the ruins was uneventful. They were less than a days travel north of town, almost visible if not for the rolling hills. Surely while Castle Mistamere stood, it towered over Melvaunt.
Missing scions2


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