• Aerndin Giladrae

    Aerndin Giladrae

    "I, if anyone was wondering, or could help me, was looking for a drink? Also bar wenches."
  • Arcadian


    "HERE WE GO!!" **fires arrows wildly**
  • Condol Naxion

    Condol Naxion

    A secret assassin from the Elven Court.
  • Darnell Seishun

    Darnell Seishun

    “Power is not judged by ones attainment of it, but by the spirit of his path.”
  • Gaffgarion


    "Let the fools in first, my child."
  • JessaKat


    "HAHAHAHA! I'm not one to be messed with, although you must be smart enough to see that."
  • Sky


    Supposedly a radical lover of exotic music.
  • Slegna The Faceless

    Slegna The Faceless

    "The last time I heard something like that, a man's blood was spilled... I spilled it."
  • Bargle The Infamous

    Bargle The Infamous

    "You were clever enough to make it this far; will you be foolish enough to test me?"
  • Haravak and Grunhawr

    Haravak and Grunhawr

    Haravak, an intrepid half-orc ranger roaming the moors of Thar with his animal companion, Grunhawr.
  • Norlannan Magesblood

    Norlannan Magesblood

    "I'm here for the gold and the glory. My loyalty lies with any who can help me accomplish those goals."
  • The Melvaunt Scions

    The Melvaunt Scions

    From left to right: Dorn Crownshield, Kalman Leiyraghon, Oreal Nanther, Argens Bruil, Elaint Marsk, Kara Calaudra.
  • Thrull


    The mighty orog warlord.