Condol Naxion

A secret assassin from the Elven Court.


An indiscriminate and unassuming human ‘ranger’, he is actually a deadly master of disguises employed by the royale family of the Elven Court. Wearing the basic cloaks and garb of a traveller, he blends in wherever he goes.

In Melvaunt, he portrayed a guide and the servant of a local lord while stalking his targets.


Nothing is known of his dealings before Melvaunt, nor of his subsequent fate following it’s fall.

What is known is that he nearly accomplished his task while there on his first attempt, offering the lot a drink they readily accepted. If not for a clever and impatient gnome insisting on setting off, that is.

During the party’s travels, he found an opportunity to sink his blade into the base of Slegna’s skull, avenging the desecration of the elven prince. Even after Slegna was reanimated Condol still considered his task accomplished.

Condol Naxion

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