Norlannan Magesblood

"I'm here for the gold and the glory. My loyalty lies with any who can help me accomplish those goals."


Norlannan “Norl” Magesblood
Male Gray Elf
Rogue 2 / Wizard 6
HP 44
AC 19
F/R/W 3/6/4
Character Sheet

Notable Possessions: +1 Rapier; +1 Chain Shirt; +1 Longbow; Ring of Protection +2; Cloak of Elvenkind; Gloves of Dexterity +2; Wand of Scorching Ray; Wand of XXXX; Wand of XXXX;

He wears armor basic in design, but it’s quality speaks for itself. Shin & thigh-guards, an elegant chain shirt, leather pauldrons & arm-guards are covered by an unassuming robe. A matching leather open-face helm is often covered by the robe’s hood. The elf’s lengthy silver colored hair is highlighted with blonde & black streaks, and usually lies tucked inside his robe.


An intelligent but sometimes clumsy elven mage, he aims to achieve ultimate magic power the easy way: treasure hunting. He’s skilled enough to dodge traps and pick the lock on a chest or two, but can hold his own in a magic duel too. He’s wise enough to know there’s strength in numbers, and in return only wishes to use the rare artifact beyond the abilities of the average adventurer.

Norlannan Magesblood

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