The Melvaunt Scions

From left to right: Dorn Crownshield, Kalman Leiyraghon, Oreal Nanther, Argens Bruil, Elaint Marsk, Kara Calaudra.



Dorn Crownshield, regular at the Frothy Beard, neutral ground for dwarves in Melvaunt.

Kalman Leiyraghon, a wastrel who spends more time in the taverns than at home.

Oreal Nanther, an adequate ranger, his carefree and reckless nature puts him at risk.

Argens Bruil, though a sworn Paladin of Tyr, his vows were taken in secret. He was last seen in his bedchambers.

Elaint Marsk, training vigorously at the local temple of Oghma, he recently purchased a new suit of Masterwork fullplate, and has been seen in the company of Kara Calaudra as of late.

Kara Calaudra, infatuated with Elaint Marsk, rumors of an alliance by marriage persist in Melvaunt. She has a pet raven, and has made some questionable investments for house Calaudra recently.


You were able to learn very little about them during your adventure.

The Melvaunt Scions

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