Hammer of Gruumsh

Engraved with abstract designs that are likely orcish runes, the maul was first wielded by orc king Gorak.

weapon (melee)

+2 elf-bane Warmaul

This huge hammer is battle-worn, with the occasional orcish rune carved into it. Made of wood, leather, and perhaps bone, it must clearly be enchanted to have survived centuries of use- caving in the body cavity and crushing the skull of many unfortunate elves.


The first to wield the Hammer of Gruumsh was orc king Gorak over 400 years ago. It is unknown where he obtained the maul. Many warlords have held it since the last known owner, Kursk One-Tusk. It was lost in Thar for a time, but there are recent reports of sightings in the area.

Hammer of Gruumsh

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