Lord Woarsten Nanther

Woarsten Nanther enters the room, leaning heavily on a gold-tipped ivory cane with a handle shaped like the head of a long beaked bird, like a heron. He has the slightly disheveled appearance of a man who hasn’t slept in days, although he is well dressed and capable of feigning a smile. After dispensing with introductions, he collapses into a large padded chair and fixes a steely gaze on each of you.
“I wish to pay you 1000 platinum pieces to find my son, Oreal Nanther,” he sighs.

As head of the great House Nanther, he has many enemies both within the city and without. His arch rival is House Leiyraghon, something that would have been easily discovered with a little more effort. Lord Nanther also has heated relations with House Bruil (whom it is rumored is conducting investigations of their own). He is a current member of the Council of Iron.

Aside from a potential bounty, your meeting with Lord Nanther brings about some information:

  • The scions of the other noble houses, Argens Bruil, Kalman Leiyraghon, Elaint Marsk, Kara Calaudra, are also missing. This is the only factor currently preventing any house from accusing any other, causing a civil war in Melvaunt.
  • Oreal has some ranger training, but is spoiled, carefree, and reckless. He has even gone so far as to argue that peace between the great houses of Melvaunt is possible, perhaps among the younger generation. Woarsten dismissed this as the naivety of youth, and forbade Oreal from making any liaisons that would undermine House Nanther.

Lord Woarsten Nanther

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