"HERE WE GO!!" **fires arrows wildly**


Male Wood Elf
Ranger 4
HP 32
AC 19
F/R/W 6/8/3

Notable Possessions: 1 thundering Mighty Composite Longbow (2 str); +1 Studded Leather Armor; Wand of Cure Light Wounds (48/50);


A quicktempered and spiteful elf from Cormanthyr, it’s no surprise this son of a royale guard opted for orchunting duty. Bigoted beyond the norm for his kin, this elf kills any orc that crosses his path, and hasn’t met a half-orc he hasn’t brawled with. Rather than spend his time guarding a palace that’s never going to get attacked, he opted to go orc hunting north of the Moonsea.

Currently he chaperones another elf as they investigate the movements of orc armies in the mountains, the desert, and the Great Grey Land. Their investigation led them to the ruins of Castle Mistamere, where the ran into the rest of the party.


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